Leading with Grace Part 1: Service & Empathy

8 March 2024

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How do you measure your true potential? And how can you create a powerful, lasting legacy of leadership? In this introductory episode to the “Leading with Grace” series, we study the example set by a member of our own community to learn how we can use our talents and empathy to serve others and make a positive impact on the world. Are you ready to become a change maker?


In this episode, you’ll also hear:


  • What to expect from the “Leading with Grace” series
  • How one member of our community exemplifies a spirit of service and empathy
  • How to measure — and use — your spark of potential
  • One simple action you can take today to make an impact

Introducing the “Leading with Grace” Series!

Welcome to “Leading with Grace,” a series where the light of faith intersects with the art of leadership, designed for Christian authors and thought leaders! This series is an expedition to the core of servant leadership as exemplified by our Lord Jesus Christ. 


In this series, we’ll uncover the seven leadership principles that can transform lives and the world, so you can be inspired to lead with a servant’s heart, uplift others through your words, and create ripples of positive change. 


Each of the seven principles will shine a light on the pathway to a servant leader approach, helping you not only walk in Jesus’ steps, but also stand on His shoulders and view the higher horizon of your calling. Whether you’re scribbling your first draft or putting the finishing touches on your latest manuscript, these principles have the power to deepen your influence and elevate your impact. 


So if you’re ready to step into your role as a change maker — to pen not only stories, but legacies — then “Leading with Grace” is where your next chapter begins! Get ready for an awakening, a rebirth into leadership that serves, heals, and harbors the greatest purpose. 

A Spirit of Service & Empathy

“Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.”

1 Peter 4:10


What if the true essence of our potential is not measured by our individual achievements, but by our dedication to uplifting others? 


What if our greatest legacy is the kindness and understanding we spread through our acts of service?


To kick off the “Leading with Grace” series, let’s examine the example set by a member of our own community: John Alexander, whose life exemplifies a spirit of service and empathy. John is a Texas resident, an author, and a cherished member of the Christian Authors Network, and he embodies the spirit of service through his passion for poetry and storytelling.


After a successful career in high tech, John turned his full attention to writing, crafting stories and poems that have captured the imaginations and hearts of children and adults alike. But it’s at the Frisco Senior Center where John’s impact truly shines. He regularly shares his poems there, offering words of hope, encouragement, and joy to everyone present. 


John’s book of poetry, Timeless Tales: Rhymes from the Heart, and his Quiet Time Rhymes series are more than collections of verses — they are his gifts of empathy and understanding to the world. And his dedication reminds us of an essential truth: Your spark of potential is God’s gift to you; how you nurture it and serve others is your gift back to Him and to the world. 


Through his poetry readings, John transforms moments into memories, proving that service and empathy can amplify our impact, touching lives in ways we might never fully know.


Thank you, John, for being such a luminous example of kindness and creativity in our community!

How Will You Nurture & Channel Your Spark?

Now it’s your turn. How can you channel your unique gifts into service? How can you allow empathy to deepen your connection to those around you and enhance your journey as an author?


Here’s a simple step you can take today: Share your talent with someone who could use a moment of joy. This could be reading, writing, singing, or simply listening. Remember, the essence of service lies in sincerity and love.



John Alexander lives in Texas with his beautiful wife and his Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He spent his childhood in a small town in east Texas. He attended college at the University of Texas earning degrees in Physics and Math, then spent many years developing innovative communications systems. While still working, he began writing fiction in his spare time and published The Enclave, a mystery/suspense novel, in 2010.


Since leaving high tech in 2014, he now spends full time pursuing his writing passion. John writes children’s books to capture their imagination and help them discover the love of reading early in life. He especially loves writing books that help elementary school children discover that reading is a fun adventure. The chapter books in the Amber-Autumn mystery series, including Christmas Garden, Grandfather’s Blessing, Golden Campout, and The Secret Room appeal to elementary school children. His first picture book, Words That Soar, won first place at the 2019 North Texas Book Festival. The Christmas Gift, published by Elk Lake Publishing, Inc., came out in 2019 and was a finalist in the 2020 North Texas Book Festival. His latest children’s book, The Young Artist, An Unpicture Book, was just released in November 2020.


John discovered his love for rhyme and released his debut book of poetry, Timeless Tales, in 2018. His latest books of poetry, the Quiet Time Rhymes series including Quiet Time Rhymes: Peace in the Pandemic, released August 2020, and Quiet Time Rhymes Volume II: Into the Light, released March 2021, contains poems offering prayers of hope and encouragement, heartfelt cries to God, and words of encouragement. He continues to write and share rhymes on his blog. John is also a monthly contributor to Faith On Every Corner digital magazine.


Visit John’s website and blog here. Connect with John on Facebook.

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