Who We Are

Welcome to the Christian Authors Network, a dynamic community where faith and innovation converge. Our mission is to empower authors and entrepreneurs, helping them to grow their audience, increase their impact, and get their message out to the world. We specialize in connecting mission-driven podcasts and digital media platforms with emerging Christian authors, providing resources and connections to thrive in a like-minded community.

Our Commitment to Authors

We are dedicated to guiding Christian authors in their journey to amplify their voices and extend their reach. Our approach involves using cutting-edge digital platforms like social media and podcasting, not just as expansion tools but as mediums for digital discipleship, ensuring your message resonates with integrity and authenticity.

Our Culture

Rooted in faith, we believe Jesus Christ is Lord, the Bible is infallible, and God has a Good Plan for each believer’s life. We welcome people of all faiths, fostering a non-denominational community.

Join Us

Whether you are a seasoned author or have a story to tell, the Christian Authors Network community is here to ensure you live out your passion and share your gifts with the world. Join us today and be part of a network that values ethical practices, authentic relationships, and transformative storytelling.



Looking for an engaging Christian author for your book club, podcast interview, or speaking event? ChristianAuthors.net is your premier destination. We specialize in connecting you with a diverse range of emerging Christian authors eager to share their unique stories with your audience.


Finding the Perfect Author for Your Event

Our user-friendly directory puts you in control, ensuring your budget goes directly to the author. Need personalized assistance? Contact us for tailored support and a custom quote.

Explore Our Diverse Christian Author Roster

We’re committed to being the go-to source for quality Christian authors, featuring an array of professionals from various fields who are also gifted writers. From podcast veterans to workshop speakers, discover a wealth of talent ready to engage your audience.

Our Commitment to Quality and Trust

While we strive to feature the best authors, agreements are made at your discretion. We recommend conducting your own vetting to ensure the perfect fit for your event.

Negotiating Fees

Terms are flexible. Engage directly with authors to discuss speaking fees and arrangements. Remember, many authors are open to creative compensation, including honorariums, promotional opportunities,

How to Contact an Author: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Search for Authors: Visit the main page of ChristianAuthors.net. You can search for authors by name, city and state, or book category.
  • Review Profiles: Once the search results are displayed, browse through the author profiles. Look for those that align with your event’s theme or interest.
  • Profile Details: Many profiles include a book description, the author’s ideal speaking audience, and sometimes an introductory video. Use this information to gauge their suitability for your event.
  • Create a Shortlist: Based on your review, compile a list of authors you’re interested in contacting.
  • Visit Author Websites: For more detailed information, visit the authors’ individual websites.
  • Initiate Contact: Ready to reach out? Contact the author directly via email or their website’s contact form to start a conversation and discuss your event.

By following these steps, you can easily find and connect with the right Christian author for your event.