Expand Your Show's Reach with Exceptional Christian Authors

At the Christian Authors Network, we understand the unique power of storytelling and its ripple effect across audiences. We’re dedicated to connecting you, as podcasters and media platforms, with Christian authors who have honed their skills through the Christian Author Success School and our comprehensive podcast pitching services.

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Why Our Authors Stand Out

Trained for Impact: Our authors are not just writers; they’re compelling storytellers trained in the art of engaging an audience. Their participation in the Christian Author Success School ensures they’re well-versed in delivering messages that resonate.

Perfect for Podcasts: Authors who have utilized our done-for-you podcast pitching services understand the dynamics of podcast appearances, making them ideal guests who contribute value to your show.

Diverse Perspectives: These authors bring a wealth of experiences and insights, ensuring your audience enjoys fresh, inspiring content.


Messaging Mastery

We'll connect you with authors whose messages align with your show's theme, captivating your audience and fulfilling their desire for meaningful content

Strategic Partnerships

Partner with our authors to enhance your show, expanding both visibility and reach. Their unique stories and insights can significantly enrich your programming.


Featuring our trained authors can elevate your podcast’s profile, attracting quality traffic to your platform and expanding your listener base.

Let's Grow Together

Ready to enhance your podcast’s appeal and reach? Check out our Author Showcase to discover the ideal Christian author guest for your show. We’re excited to partner with you in elevating your podcast and connecting with audiences around the world. Start today!

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Expand Your Podcast's Reach and Authority

Boost Your Podcast with Strategic Guest Appearances

At the Christian Authors Network, we specialize in more than just connecting you with the ideal Christian author guests. We also offer representation services for podcasters looking to be featured on other shows. By appearing as a guest on various podcasts, you can significantly increase your show’s reach and establish your authority in your field.

Benefits of Our Representation Services:

  • Broadened Audience Reach: We help you tap into new listener bases by securing guest appearances on relevant podcasts, expanding your podcast’s reach.
  • Enhanced Authority and Credibility: Being a guest on other shows positions you as an authority figure in your niche, bolstering your credibility and appeal.
  • Increased Podcast Visibility: Each guest appearance drives new listeners to your podcast, potentially boosting your downloads and overall engagement.
  • Global Impact: Extend your voice and message globally, making a difference in diverse communities and audiences.

Let’s Grow Together:

Are you ready to take your podcast to new heights? Partner with us at ChristianAuthors.net for dual opportunities: discover exceptional Christian authors for your show and get represented as a sought-after guest on other podcasts. Our targeted approach from Day One ensures a perfect alignment with your podcast’s mission and audience, as well as with the shows where you could guest star.


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I first came across the Christian Authors Network after searching far and wide for help trying to revitalize my author platform. After an introductory call, Coach Tam and her team put together a thoughtful plan of action to build a stellar website to elevate my brand. That phenomenal effort led me to consider their podcast pitching program, which helped me to book guest spots on a number of podcasts. And all the while, I was struck by how sincere, professional and courteous Coach Tam and her team were. From their many follow-ups to their warm words of encouragement to their prayers for my success, they did a wonderful job supporting me in a way no other coaching service ever has

Josh Rutherford