Verna Mayers-Fakunle

About Verna Mayers-Fakunle

    Verna Mayers-Fakunle is an educational/business consultant, coach, and professional speaker. She spent the last twenty-three years serving in various roles within higher education including teaching and administration and has recently left the industry to devote herself full-time to serving as the Founder and CEO of Inspired Strategies, LLC, a business and educational consulting firm.
    She is a first-time author of the book, Living BIG: Bold, Inspired & Gifted (Shattering the Looking Glass to Release the Greatness Within). This book was birthed out of a true passion to see those who doubt their gifts, skills, and abilities shift their mindset beyond their own marred presumptions of themselves to unleash the beast of potential that resides in every one of us.
    She hopes that by sharing her own story, every reader would be encouraged to reposition and realign their vision of themselves to take the action they need to achieve all they ever dreamed!

    Verna Mayers-Fakunle