About Tamra T. Bush

    Tamra T. Bush is a woman of God, wife, and mother who takes great pride in being an instrument of change for others. Her deep knowledge and over two decades of experience in the financial industry have made her an invaluable asset to families that want a better life. She's passionate about empowering families so they can have the economic foundation necessary to look towards their future with confidence and build a legacy. Tamra understands that this isn't just a matter of money, but also resources, strategy, communication, and support systems for when things get tough. That’s why she strives to make a difference on both sides by providing education while helping families communicate more effectively with one another.

    Tamra T. Bush

    Topics I Love to Speak On:

    • Managing Your Mindset 
    • Empowering Vs. Crippling Children
    • Unconditional Love In Marriage 
    • Family Legacy and Banking
    • Why Personal Credit is Important 
    • Understanding Business Credit
    • When Should You Set Up a Trust
    • Family, Finances, & The Immune System