Tamika McTier

About Tamika McTier

    Tamika McTier knows what it's like to be “Miss Independent''. After becoming a teen mom, Tamika was determined to push forward and achieve every goal that she set for herself without the help of a man. This attitude served her well professionally and financially but created unexpected challenges in the early years of her marriage.

    Tamika didn’t want to let her guard down and struggled to express her thoughts and feelings to her husband. Eventually, Tamika realized that something had to change so she created the T.A.L.K. method – an approach that helps wives communicate better and feel heard. With this tool in her arsenal, she was able to break free from the cycle of negativity and build a stronger, more connected relationship with her husband.

    Now Tamika uses her signature T.A.L.K. method to help wives thrive in their marriage while writing their own stories, creating their own paths, and becoming and becoming unstoppable in the pursuit of their God-given dreams.

    Tamika McTier

    Topics I Love to Speak On:

    • Why Vulnerability is a Powerful Thing
    • The Importance of Creating Rituals That Make It Easier to Handle Stress
    • Balancing Family Obligations with Your Own Personal Goals or Needs
    • How to Make Room in Your Schedule for Movement
    • Creating a Marriage Where You Both Feel Empowered
    • Forgive the Past, Heal Personally and Thrive Relationally
    • How to Break Free of Learned Behaviors that Hold You Back
    • The Benefits of Including Faith in Every Area of Your Life