About Susanne Weegmann

    Susanne Weegmann is a woman on fire for Jesus. She's passionate about teaching others how to hear from God and apply His Word in their lives. Susanne has been studying various Bible colleges since 2005, and she has written books that have helped people all over the world find answers to their questions.

    She is the author of "In His Presence and "The Great Turnaround” and her focus is on God's heart for healing, restoration, freedom from oppression, and living life in total victory! Through her prophetic anointing, she leads various prayer groups as well as teaching since 2010. Her passion for God's heart drives her to help others find their true identity in Christ
    so they can live with purpose.

    Susanne Weegmann

    Topics I Love to Speak On:

    • Kreativity in the Kingdom of God 
    • Soul Healing 
    • Intercession for nations
    • Friendship with God
    • Wisdom from Scripture
    • Walking in the prophetic
    • Cutting Soul Ties and curses
    • How to identify your calling