Susan Patel

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    What can your past experiences predict about your future? Recognize your destiny and align it with God's perfect will.
    The spiritual journey featured in this book can hardly be called ordinary. The writing chronicles a lifetime of amazing miracles and tribulations that have been overcome through prayer and conversations with God. The reader is invited to follow the author's story as she reveals God's works, from childhood revelations in a small town to a thriving business owner and evangelist guided by the Word. Filled with practical advice and biblical applications, this book is a must-read for anyone seeking the confidence to tackle life's challenges with the help of God's divine power.
    Susan Patel - Small hometown girl with a call of God on her life to Preach, Teach, Educate and Network with Christians together as an Author, Evangelist, Business Owner of Strategic Digital Tech and Strategic Solutions being the founder of she prides herself most on being Wife and Mother

    Susan Patel