About Shaun Phillips

    Shaun loves storytelling and has a passion for empowering Christians to share their untold children's stories with the world. He believes that we all have been created with a story worth telling - if you're brave enough to tell it!

    Shaun is a certified NLP master practitioner with years of experience helping people overcome fear, limiting beliefs, and helping them achieve those things put on their hearts by God. He is on a mission to get more positive, wholesome, and God-honouring stories out in the world.

    Shaun Phillips

    Topics I Love to Speak On:

    • Worshipping From The Heart
    • Overcoming Fear of Tech
    • Becoming Fearless In Your Writing
    • Unleashing The Geek Within
    • How God Speaks to Us in Our Dreams
    • My Path to Salvation
    • Setting Up a Youtube Channel