About Roslyn Rice

    How do you bounce back after you've been reduced to zero?
    How do you move forward when you are sitting in the seat of uncertainty?
    How do you respond after betrayal?
    You cling to the power of one word. One word, spoken at the right time, can change the complete trajectory of your life.

    This bestselling devotional focuses each chapter on one word. At the end of every chapter a scripture, question and prayer are shared with readers.

    Roslyn has a global mission to inspire the world. She intentionally strives to encourage humans through the sticky parts of life. She's provided inspiration for decades through blogging, mentoring, and public speaking. She embraces storytelling and humor to pull readers in and bravely inspire them. She is Co-Founder of DPI, LLC a business management consulting firm. Prepare to be encouraged and equipped by the inspired devotional, Power Of One.

    Roslyn Rice