About Rose Shiku

    Rose Shiku is the President & CEO of Effective Global Training. She is a Corporate & Spiritual Thought Leader who stands in the gap in business, faith, and entrepreneurship. A seer with an eye for detail to see disorder and offer solutions that bring growth, expansion, and elevation. She is a Team Developer who builds and equips unified and sturdy teams through her tailor-made training programs. She is a writer who expresses herself through pen and paper. She uses her writing skills to connect to the world with creativity and relevance.

    She has authored several books.

    “Nuggets for Effective Leadership” a book of reflections for leaders.

    “Teach me to Pray” A book that teaches and guides you to pray using the scriptures.

    *Reflections on Dominion” a devotional & a journal to pivot and position you to a place of dominion.

    She is also an ordained Pastor and a worshipper transforming the lives of many through the gift of teaching Biblical principles, worship, and songwriting.

    Rose Shiku