Robert Lloyd Russell

About Robert Lloyd Russell

    AUTHOR: Winner of 11 Book Awards, Robert Lloyd Russell's goal is to assist readers in becoming more like Christ. His writing, described as Living Theology and Dynamic Discipleship, is appreciated by both laymen and clergy. His books have been sold in 50+ countries.

    EDITOR: He is the editor of transcribed messages of martyred missionary, Jim Elliot.

    BLOGGER: Robert writes the daily "Abundant Life Now" blog, which has been read in nearly 200 countries and translated into 110+ languages.

    BOARDS: He has served on a number of Boards of Directors including non-profit organizations.

    EDUCATION: Robert earned a Master of Business Administration from the University of Portland and a Master of Christian Leadership from Western Seminary.

    Robert Lloyd Russell

    Robert Lloyd Russell’s books have won eleven national and international book awards.


    Christian Concepts Series (Timeless Truths * Contemporary Perspectives)

    • GOD’S CHURCH: Christ’s Pearl
    • GOD’S NATURE: Sonlight Sunlight
    • GOD’S CHILD: Like A Tree

    Christian Growth Series (Simple Steps * On-Going Progress)

    • GOD’S DESIRE: How to Finish Strong
    • GOD’S LIGHT: How to Respond
    • CHRIST’S DISCIPLE: How to Finish Strong

    Christian Theology Series (Essential Truths * Core Beliefs)

    • CHRIST’S BLOOD: 7+ Amazing Benefits
    • PRIDE: Good and Bad
    • TEMPTATION: 50+ Tips

    Bible Character Series (Lessons * Pitfalls)

    • SAMSON: Spirit-Controlled to Self-Centered
    • PETER: Failure to Faith (7/7/2023 release)
    • JOSEPH: Victim to Victorious (next in series)


    • JIM ELLIOT: Recorded Messages