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    How Did I Get Here? The Power of Choices

    Patience Frisby

    Have you been through something that really tested your faith? Are you tempted to walk away and give up?

    Author Patience Frisby can relate and wants to help you put the pieces of your life back together again. At the age of 50, Patience relocated to Charlotte, NC to pursue her life-long dream of becoming a lawyer. What appeared to be an answer to prayer quickly turned into a nightmare when she was dismissed for an academic violation. Utterly devastated, she moved back to Maryland, angry at God for taking her dream away from her. In the book, “How Did I Get Here? The Power of Choices, you’ll journey along with the author as she takes a hard look at her life and those of biblical characters who made good and not-so-good choices.

    In time, Patience was able to rebuild her life and her faith in God. You too can rebuild and it is Patience’s hope that this book will inspire you to take the first step.