Maurice F. Martin

About Maurice F. Martin

    Facing a crossroads, Maurice F. Martin chose to path less traveled, the life-changing journey of healing, growth, and purpose. His book, Save the Day: Learning to Embrace Your Inner Hero, was written to help you heal your past wounds, discover who you really are, and live a peaceful, purpose-driven life.

    Maurice has been through his fair share of trauma - from masking the private pain of his childhood to battling depression in his 20s. After becoming an award-winning vocalist and songwriter, Maurice hit rock bottom and it became clear that there was only one way out: he had to let go of what had been holding him back. Now that he’s healed, Maurice is on a mission to equip and empower you to release your limiting beliefs and become the person you were born to be.

    Maurice lives in Akron, Ohio with his wife and their two children. His second book, Your But Is Too Big, is scheduled to be released in 2022.

    Maurice F. Martin

    Topics I Love to Speak On:

    • Overcoming past pain 
    • An attitude of gratitude
    • The criticality of intentionality
    • Overcoming guilt and shame
    • Connecting to your superpower
    • The power of presence
    • The necessity of self-care
    • Spiritual Awakening