About Lolita Buck

    Lolita Buck is the Founder of KATALAMBANO IT. A Christian Women's Empowerment Brand that believes in helping women break the chains in their lives and challenge the status quo.

    Prior to establishing her Brand in 2022 she was and still is, an avid writer. Her writing portfolio consists of three books. Starting From Scratch; Did You Get The Memo; and her current release Permission To Love. She's written articles for publications such as The Lutheran Journal; Victory Herald; and Good News Today to name a few. She also her own personal blog which she contributes to on a monthly basis.

    When she is not running her Brand or taking care of other Kingdom related business she simply likes to curl up with a good book; binge watch her favorite television shows; listen to music; or even watch a good football game with close friends & family.

    Her love and passion for God is evident as her number one priority is to empower woman so that they collectively make his name great in the Earth!

    Lolita Buck