About Laurel J. Davis

    Laurel has a passion for helping Christian women grow in their understanding of God's Word and then putting it into practical daily living, for the glory of God. Founder and teacher of Wisdom's Table women's bible study (based on Proverbs 9:1-10), she has been teaching on the principles of godly womanhood, and particularly marriage, since 2004. Laurel is also a prolific Christian writer and book editor. Her articles have appeared in numerous publications, including The Gospel Coalition, Women's Hope Project, GotQuestions.org, Blogos.org, and her own blog, The Reluctant First Lady. She has also edited more than 20 books, including devotionals. Her unique insights, sense of humor, and plain way of expression have earned her praise from readers and live audiences alike. Married for more than 34 years, Laurel is a pastor's wife, mother of four, and grandmother of two.

    Laurel J. Davis