About Laura Gant

    Prayer Woman is a 41-day women's devotional for fasting and praying for unity in marriage. In the daily pages, it has a Bible lesson, Scripture, a journal prompt and writing space, as well as a prayer for leading your heart to Jesus as well as praying over your husband. This is an invitation to strengthen your faith in Jesus by abiding on the vine, being still in the presence of God and living a life that operates as a well watered woman: from the Living well of God. It guides you in Scripture and prayer for yourself and for your spouse in topics such as contentment, surrender, understanding marriage problems are really God problems, forgiveness, gratefulness, the power of the cross, capturing your thoughts, Proverbs 31, idolatry, and more.

    I encourage every woman who wants to do this 41-day challenge, to fast in our community, during the live video and coaching sessions we have throughout the year. Apply at www.lauragant.com

    Laura Gant

    Here some reviews from the ladies in our community who have done this devotional with me.