About Latoya Washington

    Latoya Washington is a business owner, author, speaker and Youth mental health resource coordinator. She published her first book, "Broken Vessels: Letter to Abba" which reveals the deep chambers of her heart. She has conducted seminars and workshops to motivate, encourage and exalt local youth and their families. Latoya and her husband work alongside local agencies and non-profit organizations to improve the moral and economic depravity in the community. Latoya is the host of Broken Vessels Blog & Podcast that provides an authentic and transparent space for believers to share their testimonies of hope, redemption, and restoration. She currently resides in Mechanicsburg, PA and enjoys writing short stories, plays, poems and letters of encouragement to family and friends. Latoya continues to share her testimony of how her relationship with Christ helped her overcome depression and suicidal thoughts. Latoya can be reached by emailing rhemacreationz@gmail.com for speaking engagements.

    Latoya Washington