About L.Meurell Ball

    L. Meurell Ball lives South Florida with his wife, LaTasha and their two sons, Letete II and Lucas.
    L.Meurell has degrees in Theology and Biblical Studies. He is an ordained minister who teaches courses in Angelology, Biblical Survey, Creation as Science and Eschatology.
    An instructor of Biblical Studies, author is added to the many hats that he wears.
    "The Two Brothers -Knights of the Rushing Wind" is his first "published" work.
    When his sons were small, he came home one evening to find them up well past their bedtimes. They told their mom they couldn't sleep. She immediately recognized this as an excuse to stay awake until dad arrived home from teaching at Seminary. So, for the first time, she let them wait up for dad.
    The boys challenged their dad with a declaration that evening saying," Daddy, tell us a story." This began the two year, nightly ritual of the tales of the Two Brothers Knights of the Rushing Wind.

    L.Meurell Ball