Ivy Caldwell

About Ivy Caldwell

    Footprint Enterprises is a faith-based organization located in Rochester, NY which helps those who are ready to deal with their past or present emotional trauma from domestic abuse, sexual abuse, relationship abuse or low self-esteem. She is an ordained elder, wife, mother, author, course creator, speaker and coach. She is the author of “Expose It” where she shares being sexually abused as a child and did not speak about it for years. If you are ready to be free from the pain; she will coach you through the process. She has five steps for you to implement along with other strategies in an emotional healing course entitled “Under Construction for Transformation”. She will show you how to take your voice and authority back! As a sexual abuse survivor, she can empathize, identify and relate to where you are. I know the struggle; it will not be easy but if you are willing to feel the pain in order to be heal freedom awaits. Go ahead and take a leap of faith to be transformed today!

    Ivy Caldwell