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    Hi, there I'm Fiona Mum to Georgie and Connor, happily married for 18 years. I have written 3 books so far first one is out in July No Darkness Too Deep my journey from rejection, abandonment, fear, and pain to a faith-filled life. My life took many paths as a young woman I got tangled up in drugs, violence, prostitution. i have had failed marriages as a Christian and nonchristian, endured 33 years of longing for a child. The many agonies of being adopted. Over many years God has healed me in these areas and spoke to me saying I would have a child at 50. Six weeks before my 51st birthday Georgie arrived in our lives. I love testifying to the greatness of God. My second book delves into my adoption and how i struggled to deal with it. The third is my journey through three marriages and how God has kept us through 18 years of marriage.

    Fiona Myles

    I am available to bring a word of testimony or a word of encouragement

    I live in Manchester England