About Dori Durbin

    Dori Durbin grew up most of her life in a small town in Michigan. After earning a BA in English and a secondary teaching certification, Dori taught high and middle school English and Science classes for ten years. She obtained her Master’s Degree in Human Services specializing in Schools & Communities.

    After an illness, she switched gears and began her career as a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor. She also began to pursue her passion of being an artist and author. She currently still lives in Michigan with her amazingly smart and talented family: husband, son, daughter, three pleasantly pampered indoor cats, and her old Great Dane. She has written three books in her Little Cat Feelings Series: "Little Cat Needs Space," "Little Cat Feels Left Out," and "Little Cat & Dog's Birthday Bake: A Recipe in Caring."

    Dori Durbin