Delphine Kirkland

About Delphine Kirkland

    Delphine Kirkland is an evangelist, speaker, entrepreneur, blogger, and author. She served in the Women’s Jail Ministry for over 25 years. She is also the founder of Daphne Paige Ministries. Growing up in a God-loving home where prayers and the Word of God was taught, she learned to trust God. She writes to inspire women who are struggling on their faith journey. No one should walk alone. And though many believe they have to struggle through life, she knows God is able to see them through the struggles.

    Her books reflect the power that comes from trusting in the Lord. In “Just Jesus and Me: A Three-Year Journey to Divine Healing and Salvation,” she trusted God to heal her body of a contagious skin disease when others around her doubted her stance. “Hiding God’s Word in My Heart” exposes the raw honesty of trusting in the Word in the raw season of pandemic uncertainty. Whether teaching, writing or preaching God’s Word, her goal is to continue encouraging people to trust God.

    Delphine Kirkland