About Daphne K. Johnson

    Daphne knows the struggle of regaining your footing when the dreams you had for your life get
    derailed. From unexpectedly becoming a single mother to repositioning herself in the second half
    of life, she grew in faith to reach her goals and is now on a mission to share the lessons learned on
    her journey.

    Daphne is gifted in encouraging and empowering others to embrace and walk in their purpose in
    times of transition. Her first book, “Vision Inspired Living – Daily Inspirations for Single Mothers” is
    all about finding the courage to dream again after a disappointment.

    Her latest project, “She Said YES! It’s Time to Answer the Call to Purpose” earned her T.A.L.K.
    Publishing's 2021 Inspirational Author award and is the perfect anecdote for accomplished but
    unfulfilled Christian women who are at a crossroads. Through writing, coaching, and inspirational
    speaking, Daphne seeks to ignite a fire within you that will motivate you to stop stalling and
    show up and serve in your calling.

    Daphne K. Johnson

    Topics I Love to Speak On:

    • Rediscovering Your Power After the Disappointment
    • Finding Purpose in a New Season
    • Walking in Your Divine Design
    • Creating a Roadmap for Your Dream Life
    • Taking Action and Achieving Your Goals