About Corean Strong

    I am the Founder & CEO of NaeRoc Productions LLC, a Christian-based theatre company where I write, direct and produce original Christian plays, skits, and monologues. I sell some of these plays via my website. I am also the author of two teen and young adult children's books. "All God's Children Got Shoes" is my first book which bears the name of my signature stage play. The book compares people's personality traits to types of shoes. For example, a High Heel Shoe and a very proud person who thinks very highly of themselves are paired. The book cites people in the bible (Nebuchadnezzar) with the trait and follows up with scriptural references.

    "Using David's Plan for Your Purpose" is in the process of being published. It takes one scripture from the David and Goliath story and shows the reader how they can use this scripture to successfully plan their purpose.

    Corean Strong