About Carol Neelands

    Carol Flett Neelands, has watched her husband's cognitive functions plunge to 11/30, and then watched as God used coconut oil to heal his brain completely. She has suffered the loneliness of being a widow, until God put together an amazing set of circumstances that led to her becoming Mrs. Hugh Neelands. As the daughter of Russian immigrants to Canada, she wrote of her mothers experiences in revolution torn Russia in the biographical novels, “Susie's Story,” “Susie's Journey” and “Susie's Calling.”

    After the eye opening experience of teaching on First Nations reserves in Northern Canada, she wrote the breath stopping novel “Gang Trouble,” from an outline created by young children on one of the reserves, depicting the joys and heartaches prevalent in their world.

    All this and much more is included in her latest book, “The Path He Chose for Me.”

    Carol Neelands