Brittany Smalls

About Brittany Smalls

    Brittany Smalls is the author of Yesterday, Today, and Forever: The Sacrificial Ministry of Intercession, and creator of Tea, Not Coffee, a purpose-driven blog for Christian women.

    She grew up in Orangeburg, South Carolina, where she attended Claflin University. During her college years, she wrote for the school newspaper and interned for the local newspaper.

    Brittany graduated cum laude, receiving her bachelor's degree in Mass Communications with a discipline in print journalism.

    With over a decade of ministerial service of intercession, Brittany writes from a place of experience and biblical knowledge.

    She uses practical and spiritual knowledge to address issues that have been known as common culprits for intercessors and fellow Christian brothers and sisters.

    Her goal is to encourage prayer and extend hope to the lives of as many as she can through her writing and teachings on prayer and intercession.

    Brittany Smalls