About Brian S. Holmes

    Brian S. Holmes is an Interim Pastor, Empowerment Coach, Author, Speaker, Teacher, Disciple Maker, and president of MPowered Christian Ministries, an evangelical ministry dedicated to global revival by mobilizing disciples to advance the Kingdom of God globally. He holds degrees in divinity and ministry from Christian Leaders College and is a Certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach, Deliverance Minister, Mental Coach, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and Personal Trainer. Brian leads a DWJD chapter, is a member of Missionary Church, and is ordained with the Christian Leaders Alliance. Through speaking; personal coaching, counseling, consulting; and online courses, workshops, writing, and videos, he’s received over two million impressions worldwide.

    Author of:
    • The Empowered Christian Road Map — A Guide for Evangelicals: 8 Key Principles for Unswerving Faith, Laser-Focused Direction, and a Life Driven by Purpose and Action. (2020)
    • Driveway Discipleship (Coming soon! 12/2021)

    Brian S. Holmes