About Bethel Grove

    Bethel Grove grew up as a pastor's kid and developed a love for Jesus and God's word at a young age. After committing her life to Christ as a teenager, she felt God's calling into ministry. She graduated from Ozark Christian College in 2014 with a ministry degree that included training in biblical hermeneutics (how to interpret Scripture). In the years that followed, she started using her training to conduct biblical studies on everything from modesty to the Magi. She started to share these studies through blog post articles, spoken word poetry, and eventually her own books.

    Now, she has written seven self-published titles, published dozens of Christian book reviews, and been involved in over a dozen Christian book launches, both as a team member and a leader. Bethel loves reading and writing, watching Disney Princess movies, mentoring younger women, and wearing the color red. She hopes to someday be a vocational youth minister.

    Bethel Grove