About Beatrice Bruno

    Beatrice Bruno is an Ordained Minister, Author, Speaker, and US Army Veteran. In one of her Army assignments as a Drill Sergeant, Beatrice taught her Initial Entry Trainees to get over themselves, get out of their own way, so they could get what they want out of life… at the time, to become soldiers in the US Army Beatrice loved so much.

    Beatrice is the author of 6 titles: Motivational/Inspirational; Fiction; Christian Living. She is also a Ghostwriter of 5 titles and editor and serves as the Managing Editor for Dixon Publishing Company.

    • How To Get Over Yourself, Get Out of Your Own Way, and Get What You Want Out of Life!
    • How To Get Over Yourself and Let Go of the PAST
    • The Baby Chronicles – Where You Were Before You Were
    • Up the Down Escalator – Are You Really Saved?
    • God Has Prepared the Table! Why Aren’t You Eating?
    • Chronicles of Grief

    Beatrice encourages writers to release what God has called them to write for such a time as this. She is here to serve.

    Beatrice Bruno