About Anntricia Bray Smith

My vision is for all women to have the courage to create the life that they dream of.

My mission is to use my voice break silent barriers and generational cycles of poverty and illiteracy! I empower others to break free from toxic relationships. I encourage your voice to be heard in your career. I educate you on how to build and maintain generational wealth. And that's only the beginning. You will feel confident in your own value and worth ... knowing you can do anything, even though you may have been counted out!

I help women between 35 -65 years of age create a better life in the areas of career, relationships, and finances so that you can regain control of your life and obtain your desired destiny.

I have created a person-centered, 7-step, "Recreating A Better Me" System to help you overcome your past trauma, break generational cycles of poverty, and excel in your career. This system is easy to apply, practical, and relevant to your unique needs.

Anntricia Bray Smith